Stuck in finding nutrition that will help you & your family transform health and feel at your best every single day?


Perhaps you our your children are struggling with low energy, poor digestion, mood swings, or never seem to be able to get a good night sleep.

Maybe you are constantly getting ill and you can’t figure out what to do to strengthen your immune system.

Do you have a picky eater at home and you worry about how to help them develop healthy eating habits?

Or you might have been trying to lose weight, tried one diet after another and found that none of those standard diets work for you.

You are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and you have no idea what to eat to stay healthy and feel good any more.

You are unique, and so should be your nutrition!


As a human being you are an individual, with a unique body, your own well-being challenges, specific health history and personal lifestyle and dietary preferences.

You probably also have your own particular health goals and to help you achieve them, your nutrition should be the same – tailored to what YOUR body needs, reflecting YOUR dietary preferences, and matching the lifestyle YOU live.

This is why we created our signature


The program is designed to help you find the nutrition approach that best suits YOU and will support your health and well-being not just for a few weeks, but for the long-haul.


#3 steps

to YOUR optimal nutritional lifestyle 


To find a nutritional approach that works best for YOU we’ll first make sure that we fully understand your well-being needs and challenges, health and nutrition circumstances, as well as your lifestyle and dietary preferences. This is what our fist session is all about. Together, we’ll set your nutrition goals that we’ll help you achieve through this program, to transform your health and well-being.


Based on all of this information and a full dietary assessment we’ll then develop a nutritional plan that is tailored specifically to YOU and that will help you achieve your optimal nutrition lifestyle and improve your well-being in just 8 weeks!

And, because no one likes changes that are too dramatic (and because these simply don't work in the long-term!), we’ll do this step-by-step and in a way that it fits with your lifestyle, so that you can continue to easily maintain them long after you are done with the program.


This is when we start putting your nutrition plan into practice and begin the journey towards your greater well-being – together, and one step a time.

And since changing the way we eat can be challenging for any of us, we’ll be here to support you on this journey all the way.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your personal nutrition advisor who’ll help you overcome any challenges, keep you motivated and help you achieve your nutrition and health goals.

AND, to make sure that you really do feel empowered and supported every step of the way, we’re also giving you these three BONUSES






Food Sources of Key Vitamins and Minerals: Cheat Sheet



What our clients say

"I got great advice & my little one now eats much better"

"After trying to find out why my son lost his appetite I shared my concern on social media. I was very lucky that Nourishi contacted me and helped me to sort out my problem. 

I got great advice on what my toddler should be eating and in what kind of combinations.

Since then the eating habits of our family changed and after several days I noticed that my little one eats much better and is more interested in what is served on the table. 

I would recommend to get advice if you struggle or if you are interested in what is good for your baby. "

— Jarka Špakova Bitonti‎, Zürich


"After following Nourishi's advice, my baby's crises diminished and eventually stopped entirely"

"My 2-month old baby girl was experiencing strong discomfort that made her enter into hour-long crises multiple times a day, without anything I could do to bring her to peace. 

After hearing all the details of my story, Nourishi was able to point me to various natural products that I could eat or drink to help my breast milk become easier to digest, and others for my baby girl directly, also to help her digestion. 

After 10 days of following their personalised advice, the crises diminished and eventually stopped entirely. This was a huge relief. I am very thankful for this great help."

— Pauline, Switzerland


"After we implemented Nourishi's nutrition approach, my daughter's thyroid challenges disappeared"

“Nourishi advised me on optimising nutrition for my 9-year old daughter, who suffers from an autoimmune disease and thyroid issues. Once we implemented that nutritional approach that Nourishi recommended, all thyroid challenges disappeared.

Nourishi is professional, reliable and I was very happy with their nutrition coaching and support.”

— Tanja Pavlic, Slovenia


"I now feel energised and balanced"

"I contacted Nourishi because of a hormonal imbalance. When the doctor told me I should just be patient and wait until my problem disappeared, I asked Nourishi for help. 

Nourishi did an analysis of my food intake and gave me some information on my diet, what was missing, what I needed to reduce. I am doing a lot of sports, and they helped me regulate my protein intake, which was lacking. 

I now feel energised and balanced. More than anything, thanks to Nourishi's advice, I feel in charge of my food intake. I know what I should eat and why. I realise how important it is to balance my diet. I am ever so thankful to Nourishi for helping me take my health in consideration through prevention and understanding."

— Leo Thomas, Zürich

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